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Who Do We Help?

Irlen Syndrome affects people of all ages, who have a wide range of symptoms. From children through to adults it affects the ability to learn, behave rationally, and generally to lead a normal life. People of all ages suffer Irlen Syndrome without any awareness that their lives can be enhanced through a diagnostic analysis and the use of IrlenĀ® filters.

Children are most at risk because their educational progress suffers. Adults, however, experience difficulties is their daily life and working environment. If the problems go undetected, people with Irlen Syndrome will underachieve. Students may appear bright but show a discrepancy between ability and performance. They may appear to lack concentration or to be lazy. In the workplace, adults can suffer from eyestrain, tiredness, stress and headaches. Factors such as fluorescent lighting and computer screens aggravate the symptoms and affect job performance.

Research has shown that:

  • 12-15% of the general population suffers from Irlen Syndrome. Many are not aware that they have a problem because they assume that everyone experiences the same distortions and physical symptoms.
  • Up to 47% of those who are dyslexic, autistic, or suffer from learning difficulties or have AD(H)D, are affected.
  • In addition, many individuals suffering from head trauma, strokes, whiplash or chronic fatigue can be helped with the IrlenĀ® Method.

Irlen centres throughout the UK and worldwide help both individuals and companies to assess the presence of Irlen Syndrome and to implement changes that lead to great results.

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