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quotation mark We first visited Marie at the Irlen Centre, Canterbury nearly 3 years ago for my daughter to get filters. We instantl... quotation mark

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The testimonials below represent just a selection of the positive comments we've had back from our customers, as well as testimonials to the efficiency of Irlen treatments from professionals around the world.

Please do contact us if we can answer any questions you may have about how our treatments can help you.

What Our Clients Say

quotation mark"Since my son got his new Irlen glasses he has started to read willingly. At school his levels have increased dramatically in the 9 months he has been wearing them, his writing level has jumped from 1B to 3C. The volunteers who listen to reading said that as soon as he put on his new Irlen glasses, he became a different child"
quotation mark - Vicky from Folkestone 2013, Parent of a child with Irlen Syndrome

quotation mark"I had known since my son was in Year 1 at school that something wasn't quite right. I battled for almost 6 years despite teachers/sencos/paediatricians telling me there was nothing wrong - although he may have dyslexic tendancies/dyspraxic tendancies/ADHD. When we had the Irlen test, my son was found to be almost at the high end of Irlen and in the words of his tester, it was amazing he was able to stand upright. My son has improved beyond belief, he is now an independent, thoughtful, intelligent teenager with hopes of going to University. He loves his glasses - wears them all the time. Just wish we'd known about Irlen much sooner. If you have any indication that your child may be suffering with this condition, please get them tested asap."
quotation mark - Mrs R from Kent, Parent of a child with Irlen Syndrome

quotation markWe first visited Marie at the Irlen Centre, Canterbury nearly 3 years ago for my daughter to get filters. We instantly liked Marie's caring, bubbly nature and dedication to help others. Having been a teacher, she was very knowledgable about the practical issues related to Irlen syndrome.

When my daughter received her filters, her headaches and eye pain disappeared instantly. She excelled at school finally and was a much happier sociable child. She has received many positive comments from her classmates about her new "glasses", generally considered fab and cool. They surpassed our expectations.

I have visited Marie for filters for myself and been wearing them every day for two years now. I can think more clearly and can actually remember what I read. I no longer get a headache and feel dizzy with tiredness each afternoon. I hate not having them even for a few minutes as I can't seem to think again and start to feel tired.

The filters have been an amazing investment, changing our lives. And we really look forward to our colour check appointments with Marie.

They seem expensive but the difference they make for us is worth it. A simple solution to feel better each day and get more done.

quotation mark - Dr C from Kent, Wearers of Irlen Spectral Filters

quotation markMy son, from as soon as he could walk has been very clumsy. Always falling, knocking things over. When he started school he fidgeted a lot. His teacher tried to say he had ADHD, but was proven after a lot of heart ache he didn't. Time went on, but he suffered with stomach aches, headaches and we noticed lights affecting him. Teachers said he fidgeted and couldn't always concentrate. After talking to Marie we did the test on the website, which resulted in nearly all Yes's. So we booked to have a proper assessment, and he was very excited. It's a tiring day but he was so determined to do everything. He felt so comfortable and at ease with Marie he said “She just gets me." Trying all the different lenses and talking about what he sees with and without is truly jaw dropping. When he finally found the lenses that he said "Wow" to, will be a moment that stays with me forever. He finally read a passage that he could never of read out loud before. He saw pictures how we see pictures, blinds straight and not moving up and down, was he able to look at yellow without it hurting his eyes. When he looked at a word, he could see more than the few letters he had before. He finally realised all the ways he saw things weren't how they should be. It was like a weight had been lifted, and he's now on a countdown until his glasses arrive. It was truly a "goosebump moment". People need to be aware of Irlen Syndrome more. I have spoken to teachers that have never heard of it!! How many children out there are not being diagnosed as Teachers and Parents are not aware?? All I can say is Thank you ..
quotation mark - Ms M from Kent, Mother of a child with Irlen Syndrome

quotation markThe first day my son wore his Irlen glasses to school, the teacher called me in at the end of the day. She said she wanted to discuss his 'Magic Glasses'. She showed me his work from the day before his glasses and then that days work, it was like magic. He also went from being at the very bottom of his class for reading to now being second from top in the space of two months of wearing his Irlen glasses.
quotation mark - KW, Parent 2015

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