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Spatial Awareness / Depth Perception

Irlen Syndrome may be the cause of a range of difficulties related to spatial awareness and depth perception. The following symptoms can be treated with the Irlen® Method of precision tinted filters worn as glasses or contact lenses:

  • General difficulty with spatial awareness.
  • Lack of perspective and three-dimension in the environment.
  • Problems with judging heights, distances, and speeds.
  • Being clumsy or accident prone.
  • Difficulty catching a ball.
  • Difficulty with stairs: need to holding on, tripping up.
  • Difficulty with escalators: hesitating to get on or off, dizziness.
  • Over cautiousness when driving, overtaking, parking.
  • Difficulty walking in a straight line, walking into people.
  • Tripping up.
  • Running into furniture or doorways accidentally.
  • Difficulty with heights or ladders.
  • Knocking things over or dropping things easily.

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