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Reading Problems

Irlen Syndrome can be the cause of many difficulties affecting reading. Problems are apparent when reading black print on a white page, working on the computer, reading graphs, reading music, copying information from books or the board. The ability to read efficiently for both adults and children is affected. The following symptoms may be experienced but they can be treated through the use of Irlenテつョ Filters worn as glasses or contact lenses.

  • Misreading words.
  • Skipping words and lines.
  • Slow reading rate.
  • Confusing letters and words that look similar.
  • Putting words in the wrong order.
  • Needing to reread for information.
  • Poor comprehension.
  • Losing place.
  • Needing to take frequent breaks from the page.
  • Avoiding reading.
  • Needing to read in dim light.
  • Problems copying from a board especially the interactive whiteboard.
  • General reluctance to read.

The Irlenテつョ Method can improve reading fluency, comprehension, and accuracy as well as comfort and concentration. At the same time the Irlen Filters reduce the problems of light sensitivity which cause the glare and discomfort experienced when reading. Because people do not realise that what they experience is different, they are often not aware that they are suffering unnecessarily and that they could be helped.

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